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Father’s Day Gifts for all Foodie Dads

Celebrate Foodie Dads with these Father’s Day Gifts Whether it’s his birthday, anniversary, Christmas or Father’s Day, foodie dads are always looking for the latest gadget, hot sauce flavor trend or grilling tool to up their cooking game. Since the kitchen cabinets are probably overflowing with mugs of all the kids & grandkids faces you might be thinking about stepping your game up a bit this year. Even if your dad seems to have everything when it comes to all things cooking and eating, Molly’s Table Catering is here to help you up your gifting this year! See below our list for some of the best Father’s Day gifts for all foodie dads, fur dads or dads-to-be! 7 Best Gifts for Foodie Dads who Love to Cook Cooking...


Guide to Preparing Fast, Healthy & Easy Weeknight Meals

Prep Steps to Making Easy Weeknight Meals Between work, school, exercise, kids and extra-curricular activities getting a healthy, home cooked meal on the table seems almost impossible. The trick to easy weeknight meals is all about the planning and preparation. By making a few simple lifestyle changes and investing in good kitchen appliances you can consistently create healthy weeknight meals your family will enjoy. Molly’s Table Catering has provided a go-to guide to getting a delicious dinner on the table without hours of cooking required or breaking your budget. 10 Tips to Cook Easy Weeknight Meals Meal Plan: Laying out all of your dinners for the week is a great starting point. Purchasing only the ingredients you need for the week will help you stick to your meal...


Tips to Reduce Food Waste in your Home

Easy Ways to Reduce Food Waste Food waste is one of the largest contributing factors to greenhouse gas emissions, plus it wastes water and the resources it takes to grow the food. Changes in the way we eat and shop, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, have further contributed to this problem. If you want to do your part to reduce food waste you can easily start by making several trips to the food store a week to purchase only what you need. Molly’s Table Catering provides 10 easy ways you can reduce food waste in your home, starting today! 10 Quick Tips to Reduce Food Waste at Home Store Food Correctly: A large contributing factor to food waste happens when food spoils before you have the chance to...


Guide to Freeze Meal Delivery Leftovers

How to Freeze Food Delivery for Future Meals The best part about ordering from a meal delivery service, besides skipping a trip to the grocery store, is the ability to portion the meals specific to your family. While this will reduce the amount of food waste in your home, the inevitable will always happen: a mid-week (or 2) fast food stop after extracurricular activities means by Saturday you have several meals that have yet to be touched. Luckily, since all of our food is prepared using fresh ingredients, they can easily be stored in your freezer for use at a later date! Molly’s Table Catering highlights 10 tips to safely freeze meal delivery foods. 10 Tips to Freeze Meal Service Delivery Foods Let the Food Cool Down: Food...


5 Easy Food Resolutions you can Keep in the New Year

Healthy New Year’s Food Resolutions to Adopt With Thanksgiving, Christmas and the holiday season quickly approaching, your calendar is probably filled with parties and all of the indulgent food choices that go with them. If you’re already thinking ahead to the New Year and the goals you want to set for yourself and your body, food is probably one of the top priorities on your list. Besides resolving to follow a more regiment exercise routine and drink more water, it is important to incorporate a few food resolutions to maintain a healthy diet. Molly’s Table Catering has outlined 5 food resolutions you can easily adopt & stick to for your healthiest new year yet. 5 Food Resolutions for a Healthy New Year Eat Whole Foods: A healthy and...


Fun & Unique Food Lover Gift Ideas

Holiday Food Lover Gift List The holidays are fast approaching and as you’re writing out lists of all your loved ones to purchase meaningful gifts for, I’m sure you’ll quickly find a food lover amongst your friends & family. When you want to resort to something a little more meaningful than a restaurant gift card for the foodie in your life, refer to the Molly’s Table Catering 2020 Food Lover Gift Guide! We’ve compiled a list of the top 10 gift ideas all food lovers will enjoy! From cookware to spices and inspirations for a full year of cooking, the foodies on your holiday gift list are sure to love what you’ve wrapped up! 10 Best Food Lover Gift Ideas Family Recipe Engraved Cutting Board: Whether it’s their...


Pantry Essentials to Customize Your Molly’s Table Catering Meals

Pantry Essentials for Customizing Weekly Meals At Molly’s Table Catering we pride ourselves on making and delivering homemade, delicious and super flavorful weeknight meals for busy families. Our weeknight meal delivery service provides freshly prepared meals to your home once per week, no prepping or cooking required. While we take the guesswork out of the age old question: “What’s for dinner tonight?” sometimes you may want to customize your dish and add your own unique flair. In that event, we’ve highlighted 7 pantry essentials you should always have on hand in order to upgrade the flavor profile of your weeknight meal and make it your own! 7 Pantry Essentials to Always keep in your Kitchen Hot sauce. If you like your dish to have a little kick, a...