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Guide to Freeze Meal Delivery Leftovers

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Guide to Freeze Meal Delivery Leftovers

How to Freeze Food Delivery for Future Meals

Molly's Table Catering Tips to Freeze Meal Delivery for Future UseThe best part about ordering from a meal delivery service, besides skipping a trip to the grocery store, is the ability to portion the meals specific to your family. While this will reduce the amount of food waste in your home, the inevitable will always happen: a mid-week (or 2) fast food stop after extracurricular activities means by Saturday you have several meals that have yet to be touched. Luckily, since all of our food is prepared using fresh ingredients, they can easily be stored in your freezer for use at a later date! Molly’s Table Catering highlights 10 tips to safely freeze meal delivery foods.

10 Tips to Freeze Meal Service Delivery Foods

Let the Food Cool Down: Food should never be frozen when it is still hot. The best process is for hot food to come down to room temp then stored in the fridge overnight and moved immediately into the freezer. This process ensures the food is fresh and tastes delicious when it is defrosted.

Small Portions: Separate your meals into several smaller portions to ensure they freeze quickly and you do not waste the leftovers when you take them out to defrost & eat. For example: if you freeze an entire dinner of shredded pork from our BBQ pork tacos, but your husband has to work late and the kids are out at a friend’s house, you cannot refreeze what you do not eat or it will spoil.

Label: Label and date every package and container you freeze. There’s a good chance you won’t remember what is in all those containers & bags, let alone when you put them away. This will also help you keep track of what needs to get defrosted & eaten first.

Proper Containers: Make sure you’re using the proper containers for the items you’re freezing to avoid freezer burn and to conserve space.

Molly's Table Catering Guide to Freeze Meal Delivery LeftoversDon’t Overfill Containers: Always leave room at the top of containers for liquids and soups. The food will expand during defrosting, making a mess out of your refrigerator if there is not sufficient room.

Vacuum Seal to Avoid Freezer Burn: The most efficient way to freeze meal delivery items is to use a vacuum sealer. This ensures you remove all air from the packaging to avoid freezer burn.

Freeze Fresh: If you can, don’t let your meals linger in the refrigerator for days before you decide to freeze. To maintain quality and freshness, freeze the same day of delivery or the next day.

Foods to Avoid: Never freeze dairy products like yogurt or sour cream. You should also avoid freezing foods with breading, such as fried fish or chicken parmesan. Fruits and vegetables high in water content, such as tomatoes, cucumbers and watermelon become slimy and inedible once defrosted.

Defrost Time: Give yourself enough time for your meals to fully defrost. If it is still frozen when microwaving or cooking in the oven, it will not only take longer to cook, but the food can become dried out.

Order Fresh: Ordering from our freshly prepared weeknight meal delivery service allows you to enjoy a home cooked meal each night of the week without any of the stress of shopping, chopping or cleaning up! Since all of the ingredients we use at Molly’s Table Catering are fresh you can easily freeze and reheat at a later time. Check out even more benefits of our weekly meal deliveries.


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