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Weekly Meal Delivery Service Benefits

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Weekly Meal Delivery Service Benefits

Benefits of Using Weekly Meal Delivery Service

Molly's Table Catering Meal Delivery Service Warrington PAMeal delivery service companies, like Molly’s Table Catering, deliver freshly prepared meals to your home once a week. Unlike meal kits where the customer still has to spend the time cooking the food, our weeknight meals are heat & eat ready for super simple dinners. Especially helpful for busy families, the benefits of signing up for a meal delivery service are plentiful. Below, we’ve highlighted the top 7 benefits of using Molly’s Table Catering’s freshly prepared meal delivery.

Top 7 Benefits of Meal Delivery Service

  1. Saves you Time. Using our weeknight meal delivery will save you time from prepping, shopping, chopping, measuring, cooking and cleaning! Even 30-minute, 5-ingredient recipes always take double the time. Let Molly’s Table Catering save you time by delivering freshly prepared, heat-and-eat meals right to your door!
  2. Lowers Food Bill Cost. Eliminate 4 meals a week from your grocery store trip and you’ll see the total reduced by ¼ or even ½! Similarly, having freshly prepared, ready to eat meals delivered to you means you’re less likely to order takeout in the middle of a hectic week.
  3. Choose How Much Food you get. Molly’s Table Catering makes it easy to choose the amount of food you get per week. We have options for a family of 2 all the way up to 8 people. You can enjoy our meals for dinner and bring the leftovers with you for a super easy lunch!Molly's Table Catering Weekly Meal Delivery Service Bucks County PA
  4. Choose What Food you get. Each week our menu rotates 4 selections with 9 substitutes available, as well as delicious add-ons like salads and desserts. You can completely customize your weekly menu.
  5. Helps Maintain a Healthy Weight. Our meals are prepared with fresh and local ingredients, packed with protein, carbs and veggies. Signing up for a meal delivery service can help you portion meals and have more control over calorie intake allowing you to stick to a healthy lifestyle.
  6. Expand your Food Horizons. Since you don’t have to buy all the ingredients or prepare the food yourself, you might be more willing to try a meal you’ve never had before. Nothing excites a chef more than preparing and serving delicious, yet unique & exciting meals.
  7. Less Food Waste. How many times have you bought ingredients for a meal and never used it again? Now spices, condiments and produce are left to expire in your pantry. With a weekly meal delivery service, we cook and prepare everything then deliver it to you ready to eat!
  8. Molly's Table Catering Meal Delivery Service in Bucks County PAPrepared by an Experienced Chef. The professional trained chef at Molly’s Table Catering constantly tries new food combinations and techniques to serve clients with delicious new menu items.

Weeknight Meals Delivered in Bucks County, PA

As you can see, there are endless (and delicious) benefits to using Molly’s Table Catering’s prepared meal delivery service. Based in Warrington, PA, we serve families in Bucks County PA and the surrounding counties in the Philadelphia region. Check our weeknight meal delivery service menu every Wednesday and easily place your order via email. For questions, call 215-343-3089.


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